Hello everybody, and welcome to my website. My name’s Thomas and this is my site about traveling. I’m a college grad that decided I want to travel for awhile and see the world before I join the work force and officially become and adult. Some of you may say I’m just a lazy slacker, but I say I want to seek adventure and broaden my horizons now before life gets complicated. After all you only live once. So being that I’m a college grad with no job, and huge tuition debts, that also means that I’m pretty tight on funds. To put it simply, I’m a total broke ass. You are probably thinking by now this guy is crazy if he thinks he will be able to travel the world with no money. Not a problem because I have a plan. I have a little money saved, mostly from birthday gifts from grandma, that a plan to use to bankroll the beginning of my journey.birthdaymoney Also I plan to stay at hostels at all the locations I go to. For those that don’t know what a hostel is. It’s basically a really cheap hotel that young travelers use. The reason why they are cheap is because they severely lack any of the amenities most of you are used to. For example you will have to share a room and a shower with many people. That number could be as low as six or as high as twenty six. They are basically just a step above from sleeping on the streets. hostel 1The plus side besides them being really cheap is that hostels are a great way to meet new and different people. Along the way I will also earn money by taking odd jobs around the areas and possibly doing trades with others. You guys are in forĀ  a treat because I plan to document as much as I can for you. So please stick around and enjoy!