First Stop

Two weeks after grahostelduation I hit everyone with what I thought was great news. “I’m going to see the world!” I said. I remember my parents looking at me like I was a nut case. They were all like,”but Thomas, it’s time to get a job and settle down.” After some arguing back and forth they finally and reluctantly gave in. I didn’t need their permission but I did want their blessings. Now all that was left was to figure out where I was going first. I knew where my end game was. I eventually wanted to finish my trip in Israel. It never occurred to me that I would have a problem choosing how to start. I started by making a list of the things I wanted to see and also what it would cost to get there. After some careful consideration and eventually a coin toss, I decided first up was Hawaii. I figured it was far enough away to feel like I’m really doing this but I would still be in familiar territory since it’s a state after all. I hoped online to do some general research about the areas and where I would stay. I found a decent hostel in the Waikiki area on Oahu. A few days later I left for Hawaii. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. I called an Uber driver to pick me up and take me to my hostel. He was very friendly but it was hard to understand him at times because he spoke some type of broken English. I later found it the locals call it “pidgeon”. This hostel was better than I expected. It was clean and the staff was friendly.hostel2 The rooms were not overly crowded and the showers and bathrooms were very well kept. It appeared to be in a decent area of town and was closely surrounded by little convenience stores and other larger hotels. I met some other travelers and we started to hang out. They showed me around and gave me some good advice of where to check out. Waikiki is great. Lot’s to do and so close to the beach. One thing I didn’t count on was how expensive things can be in Hawaii. I knew I would have to find some type of job soon if I was gonna make it possibly a year or longer traveling. One of my new friends told me about a cleaning company he was working for and said he could probably pull me in pretty easily. So now everything was set. I was happy, I finally made a real start at my master plan. I saw other hostels in the area and they all were pretty much the same. My new friends took me to some great hikes and we did bonfires on the beach. Hawaii is a great place to get away from all other distractions. I stayed in Hawaii for what felt like days but was actually over a month. I had such a great time there that I didn’t really want to leave. I told my friends of my traveling plans and two of them decided to follow along with me for awhile. It was time to say good bye. Next stop was Thailand.